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Audi prices, was Mikey buys an Avant

          Hey Mikey,

          Eighty five hundred? For an '89 100 wagon? Wow, man, you can
          hold your head high in this group!

          Based on my experiences I'd say that the going rate for a
          nice '89 100 wagon (of which there are about none) would be

          I paid $11K for my '90 200 (sedan) and I thought that was
          pretty good...interestingly I had offered another guy $8,600
          for another 200, which he declined. Was asking $10,500. A
          week later he called back to see if I still wanted to buy
          his car...I had just closed the deal on my (much nicer) 200
          and was glad I hadn't bought this other car (it wasn't
          particularly well kept).

          Sometimes fate deals you a pretty good card...

          Lee Levitt