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Re: Radar/Laser detector sugg...

Gieco is your big insurance in the  NE, they subsidize the lease of lasar,
I'll find the article for you glen, but I'm sure both states have it...  My
concern is over that new DSP radar (autoweek recent issue) that can pick you
out behind the truck...  And can do things like radar behind while rolling,
radar from behind you while rolling, and is vascar, and does all sorts of
things conventional radar was b4 impossible....  The next battle has
begun.....  And this unit is in place already in a host of states and the
manufacturer can't put em out fast enough....  Lasar will be a toy when this
thing hits your state......   And since it sends out multiple signals, your
jammer may be a problem too, cuz it can doppler between any of the multiple
signals it sends......  :~(