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Re: Turbos, HP and Real World...

Can't give all the details quite yet, some of the stuff is still in the
developmental stages (business vs racing programs vs. real world vs.
reliable, etc), but right now I can tell you that when the RS2 becomes
available there will be at least 3-5stages of tune, each quite a jump from
the last....  I plan on having the most radical RS2 upgrade, and an expensive
risk if it proves wrong from paper to RW, hopefully by grattan, but it will
be last minute if so....  If not there then the next track event.......  

The basics are:  Stage II IA (2.0bar), 272 cam with(1 tooth) 8 1/2 cam
advance (think 6 is more the ticket, workin on it), K&N filter, t-body mod
(5kt only), RS2 "stage 2" and wastegate spring preload....  Will be
installing a 3" exh system to get more at the top, cuz there's too much down
low now, and I KNOW this RS2 flows well, that will definitely be in by
grattan.....  Lookin' like quite a few RS2's will come available early
summer, if all plans go well.....  Please post me directly if you have
serious interest in the RS2, pricing not final, but $1k or a little less is
the target, and looks good.......