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RE: subscribe to AUDI information.

Hello Ramu,

To subscribe, send a message to Majordomo@coimbra.ans.net with the following in
the body:

subscribe quattro

The list has moved from quattro@swiss.ans.net to quattro@coimbra.ans.net so
please use that.

From:	US2RMC::NOVA::SUNKARA "Ramu Sunkara, ORACLE Rdb Products Division, (603)881-2285, Nashua, NH 12-Apr-1995 1021" 12-APR-1995 10:48:58.63
To:	quattro@swiss.ans.net
CC:	nova::sunkara
Subj:	subscribe to AUDI information.

i would like to know about the AUDI 100S, CS, and Quattro series. thanks,