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Fuel pump again


My son informed me today that there was a buzzing sound coming from the car
(he's 5). I went out and listened and it sounds like the fuel pump (buzzing
sound from right rear of car). This is the fifth pump and it was put in about 1
year ago (I've only paid for one ($208) - the dealer has covered the rest). It
was making some noise after they put it in and I mentioned it to the dealer and
they said that talk to Audi about it.

I've heard some people mention that there may be a new pump to replace the old
one and that it costs a lot more than the old one. I'm going to give the dealer
a call tomorrow about this to see what they say.

BTW, I haven't ordered the shift boot yet as I've been busy with work and
family stuff. I'll probably order this in a month and will report back with the