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Weight and Suspension

Audidudi wrote:
 For the fun of it, let's change the focus of this argument: I'll bet that if
I spent as much on my car tweaking the     suspension and/or reducing its
weight as you have pumping-up the output of your engine, I will lap any road
you propose (excepting perhaps Watkins Glen or Road America, with their long
straights!) quicker than you will with your 350hp quattro and OEM wheels and

Sorry but I would have to disagree, there are some gains to be made in the
suspension but without a total redesign your not got to get that much net
gain. As for reducing the weight, well I bought my Q because, I like how
quite it is, how comfortable it is, that it's cool in the summer and warm in
the winter etc, etc.  PDQSHIP I belive also shares these views.  For too many
years I put up with the compromises that go with having the ultimate package
(Low Weight, Incredible Handling and a monster Motor) 

PDQSHIP and I are on the same wavelength on the suspension so watch here for
some things that may come up in the next few months.