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Flakey Speedometer, One more time :-(

Here we go again.  :-(

My speedometer in my '89 200TQ is *STILL* screwing up.  It will oscillate 
up and down with a very short period for perhaps 15 to 30 or more miles 
and then start working normally for the rest of the day.  Perhaps you 
remember earlier posts about this same problem.

What has been done so far:

1.	Pull instrument cluster and check for broken PC board traces, 
	cracked board, etc.  Nothing found using a jeweler's loupe (twice).
2.	Check all wiring as far as can be seen for breaks, loose 
	connections, etc..  None found.
3.	Replace speed sender in transmission ($37 from Linda).  No help.
4.	Take it do my friendly (fiendly?) local Audi dealer.  New PC 
	board installed ($301 for just the part!).  No help.  (Bill = 
	$628.47).  Speedometer *still* not working properly.  Let's throw 
	some more money at it and see what happens.  (My money.  :-( )  A 
	week in the shop - no solution.
5.	Take it back to dealer after a week of early morning flakiness 
	followed by normal operation for the rest of the day.  Mechanic 
	drove it repeatedly for three more days.  No malfunction while 
	there.  Dealer suggestion?  "How about a new speedometer head?  But 
	let's see if we can get it to malfunction while it's here."  
6.	Take it home and see what develops.  I can only assume that the 
	problem is NOT fixed.  They didn't do anything to it except drive it.
7.	I don't see how to get the car to them when it is malfunctioning.
	It will have a short term miraculous healing after something
	like 15 to 30 miles of driving.  I live over 65 miles from
	the dealer.

So far I have invested $666 plus the loss of the use of my car for over 
10 days.  (Gee, there's something about that amount...)  Friends, I
am *totally* open to suggestions.  Any ideas?  I am about at my wit's end.
(Well, halfway anyway.  :-) )

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