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Re: Flakey Speedometer, One more time :-(

On Wed, 12 Apr 1995, Robert Myers wrote:

> Here we go again.  :-(

> So far I have invested $666 plus the loss of the use of my car for over 
> 10 days.  (Gee, there's something about that amount...)  Friends, I
> am *totally* open to suggestions.  Any ideas?  I am about at my wit's end.
> (Well, halfway anyway.  :-) )
First of all, you should know that AEP (previously trademarked as Audi 
Electrical Problems), can NOT be fixed for under $1000. Two options.  
Bring it back to the dealer and give them another $334, or just donate 
$344 to a good cause. At least this way you will still have your car. :)

You mentioned you checked the PC board on the back of the head with a 
jewelers loupe, but did you use a DMM? Is it possible that one of the 
connections TO the circuit board is possible slightly corroded and has a 
high resistance to it? I would buzz out the tracings from the harness 
right to the back of the meter (speedo).  If all this pans out ok, you 
might want to consider a new head unit. Beleive it or not, my tach was 
doing exactly this, and it wound up being the meter itself. (I came to 
this when it finally totally died).
Good luck.

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