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Re: Repairing tachs & electronic speedos?

On Wed, 12 Apr 1995, Steven Buchholz wrote:

> There have been some discussions of late about faulty speedos & tachs.  Has 
> everyone simply replaced the part and set the faulty part aside, or has an 
> attempt to repair the thing been made?  As long as the meter movement is 
> intact it should not be a major problem to repair the things.  Has anyone 
> tried to have a VDO repair outfit fix them?
I am probably the cheapest SOB out there, so I always try to fix it 
myself first. Cant break it worse, right? (Well, actually I have, but we 
wont get into that right now...:) Here's the story with my tach, which 
makes it impossible to fix. 
I was getting the tach pulse to the unit, so that narrowed it down to the 
head unit. I took some readings off the unit to the galvinometer. They 
were getting there, which narrows it down to the galvinometer. I ripped 
it apart and took some readings. As I suspected, the field was open.  :(  
The field in this case is the typical 400 million gage wire which is an 
air core coil (apparently wrapped around a square form, then removed) 
Each end of the 'coil' then went to each end of the spindle of the motor. 
These ends, literally burned  off for some reason.... a weakness in the 
wire or shellac I would assume. So now I have this micro fine coil with 
ends that disappear SOMEWHERE into the windings. I looked with a loupe, a 
microscope, no way no how am I gonna find them
The car is going soon, and I wanted to make sure it is perfect, so even 
if I 'fixed' it, I would have replaced it.. now knowing how long it would 
last again. But it was personal at that point, I HAD to fix it.  Needless 
to say, it has since been recycled, and a NEW one installed. (lots of POM).

I got another one for $200, and I was getting quotes of $150 to $175 to 
fix it and it would take 3-6 weeks. Easy decision! :)


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