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Re: [Chad Clark: Re: special/commemorative 4000quattros/GTs]

On Wed, 12 Apr 1995, Chris Idleman wrote:

> Regarding your comment of "too bad they never stuck the turbo engine in the 
> coupe body though," of course they did!  UrQuattro!  I guess the real problem
> was that they didn't make the Ur's more reliable and make 'em the "standard
> model" and price it more "accessible".  Unfortunately, Audis ended up with
> the undeserved poor reliability rap *and* the reputation as "underpowered" in 

Ummm.. what do you mean not realiabel.. are they really that bad???? Im 
about to acquire one... I cant wait, but what goes on them?

Tell us more about your coupe... might know someone.

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