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[Chad Clark: Re: special/commemorative 4000quattros/GTs]

Chad -

Re: 1987 Coupe GT "Special-Build" for sale

I'm selling it under direction from the Supreme Being -- my wife!  Yep, too
many cars...  My daughter recently turned 1 and she's outgrown my wife's '93
Honda, so we just bought a 1995 GMC Jimmy for my wife to drive.  That means
either selling the 1-1/2 year-old Honda (with 15K miles) or the 8 year-old
Audi (with 59+K miles).  My sentimental and "fahrvernugen" favorite is the
Audi by a long shot, but common sense dictates keeping the newer car with 
the higher NADA value and lower mileage.  Maybe if I sniffle a little when 
a new owner drives off in my Coupe and then bitch & moan about how bland the 
Honda is, she might give me a shred of sympathy and let me buy myself a nice 
A4 Quattro Turbo -- in about 6 years ;-)!  Frankly I'd love to keep the Coupe
around as a "spare/emergency" car, but the insurance rates here in NJ are so 
ridiculous it just isn't worth it.  Therefore, with extremely heavy heart I 
must sell my baby.

Regarding your comment of "too bad they never stuck the turbo engine in the 
coupe body though," of course they did!  UrQuattro!  I guess the real problem
was that they didn't make the Ur's more reliable and make 'em the "standard
model" and price it more "accessible".  Unfortunately, Audis ended up with
the undeserved poor reliability rap *and* the reputation as "underpowered" in 
non-turbo form (which they are, IMHO).  In terms of reliability, my car has 
been great and I haven't felt that the minor little fixes I've had to make are 
unreasonable or out-of-line with wear-and-tear typical with any other brand of 
car.  It's just that Audis demand a little attention to regular maintenance, 
which most Americans aren't willing to give.  However, I'm *really* jealous of 
all the nifty power bumps that can be made to the turbo cars, and wish that 
there was an easy way to substantially increase the power output of non-turbo 
cars.  I've always liked the Coupes since they first came out, and my ownership 
experiences have only deepened my admiration of Audis (or maybe that should 
be "deep end"???).  

					- Chris Idleman