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Re: UrQuattro reliability, etc.

Whoa!!!!  Flamethrowers down, soldiers!  I didn't say that UrQuattro's (or
any other Audis) are unreliable.  I said that Audis require attention to 
regular, preventative maintenance or else they *will* become unreliable.
There are lots of Audis out there with >200K miles that run and look great
because 1) they're built to last if maintained, and 2) the owners have ac-
tually performed the recommended maintenance at the proper intervals.  I
agree that Audi mechanicals have bulletproof potential -- and I think 
everyone here will agree that the same can't be said for Hondas or 95% of 
the other so-called "reliable" marques.  And how many of these others are 
still tight and solid after 150K miles?  I think that the reliability 
reputation of the Japanese cars is formulated during the first 50K miles, 
when ignorant car owners can neglect their maintenance and still expect the 
car to function properly -- which it probably will (at least for a while).
The difference is "life potential".  Even with proper maintenance, the so-
called "reliable" brands are probably good for 150K miles max (with occasional 
exceptions) before the driveline or body are totally shot or require expensive 
work.  On the other hand, those "unreliable", properly-maintined Audis are 
often good for well beyond 250K miles, and you'll still have something left 
worth rebuilding when your engine finally gives up.  It's a simple case of pay 
a little bit now or pay big later -- and those that don't understand or respect 
their machines usually ignore the former and default to the latter.  The un-
fortunate part is that some of the best-engineered, reliable, fun cars avail-
able get black-balled, while mediocre disposable cars with benign character
become vaunted icons of "reliability" in the eyes of an ignorant public.

Okay, you can have your soapbox back now....
					- Chris Idleman, 1987 Coupe GT