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Re: Tire Survey for Coupe GT

>For those of you with Coupe GTs, pls let me know how you like your tires?
> - Brand and size
I'm running the Dunlop D60 A2 in a 195/60 on the stock 14" rims.

> - ride
In my opinion they ride fairly well.  They were fairly comfortable on last
summer's road trip, and I haven't found any problems on the city streets.
'Course my opinion my change once I get the suspension upgrade finished.

> - dry and wet braking
I have _not_ been able to get these tires to break loose during dry braking!
This my in part be due to the fact that my braking system is still
completely stock, so it is a little below my personal specs.  As far as the
wet braking is concerned, I need to make a concerted effort (eg. turn the
wheel or radically modulate the brakes) to skid on wet pavement.

> - dry and wet handling
The tire have done an admirable job of holding the road, again this may be
due in part to the current state of the suspension.  They do feel a little
floaty on a wet highway, but mine do have about 33,000 miles on them.

Overall, I have been very impressed with a tire that I paid $72 each (incl.
mounting/bal) and come with a 40,000 mile warrenty.

Note to all:  My decision to purchase the Dunlops was well in advance of the
Constupid Reports article that named them the best aftermarket tire!  It's
all just a big coincidence!  I swear!  ;-)

1985 GT Coupe