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Re: Tire Survey for Coupe GT

          I've had four sets of tires on my '85 Coupe:
          Goodyear eagle ST's - (on when I bought it)- fine for 70's 
                                camaro, suck on Audis, especially loved 
                                the raised white lettering, almost made me
                                lift the rear and install a Hurst 
          Goodyear eagle GT+4 - see above, but a little better.
          Falken (FK60?) not sure of model- Soft, not a bad tire for the     
                                        price, but wear quickly.
          Yoko AVS intermediate- Love um!!!!
          All the above were 195/60/HR14 except the yoko's, which are 
          205/50/15's.  The yoko's are great, except in wet and snow, but 
          I've got Hakks on the old rims for winter.