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exhaust wrap

          I've got to say I'm learning quite a bit since joining the list.  
          The current thread air flow & thermal wrap is especially 
          interesting.  And actually, it brings a couple of questions to 
          I've just finished rebuilding the top end of my '85 coupe, 
          installing bigger valves, shrick cam, a header, etc.  The car 
          seems to like the adjustments.  I do have a couple of problems 
          though.  (1) The heat from the header.  What do I need as far as 
          a "wrap", and where do I purchase it?  Recommendations? (2) I've 
          got to redo the vacuum lines, but the diagram on the hood of the 
          car is only half there, also, the Bentley & Haynes only give 
          partial info on this.  Does anybody have the info or know where I 
          can get it?  The dealer hasn't been any help.  I know there are 
          leaks, but I think that there were some lines missing when I 
          bought the car (found many "blocked" lines leading nowhere, the 
          charcoal canister wasn't even hooked up, nor the line to the 
          throttle body).  Thanks for any help.