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Re: 87 Quattro Special

Regarding what Linus said about the Q Special: I don't know anything about
this car, but he might be thinking of the paint job on the '86 4000 CSQ
Commemorative Edition.  The '86 had the white paint on the body and the
wheels with red leather interior (no Quattro inscription on the seats) and
the lowly 115 hp engine. There are analog gauges on the 4000 opposed to the
digital ones on the Coupe Comm. Ed.  If the '87 Special came with this same
paint job the, it would also have white painted side mirrors.  Anyone out
there have any more info on the Special?

Speaking of the 4000CSQ Commemorative Edition, is any one else out there with
one?  I've only seen four others in the last nine years (3 in CA and 1 in WA
- two with black exterior). I've added the red Momo wheel and shift handle
along with a red leather shift boot - it's one wild looking Audi.  If there
are any others out there, are you in need of a driver's side door panel
(black w/ red)?  I have an extra one.