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Re: BMW 325ix 4 wheel drive ?

>From what I've seen over the last couple years in the Roundel (BMW CCA's
monthly rag), people are only now realizing what a great car the 325ix is and
are snatching them up.  I drove one (I think a '90) a couple of years ago
when I was thinking of trading my '86 4kCSQ for something of the same ilk but
more tweakable engine wise.  The extra horsepower was great fun and it
handled very similarly to my Q except for the fact that when pushed to the
limit around the corners it had a bit more tendency to oversteer as opposed
the Q's tendency to understeer (much less so when lowered).  The main reason
I didn't go for the BMW was the lack of a back seat, BMW's two door cars are
well known for their "child" back seat.  I really like the roominess of the
Q.  But, friends that have had the ix have loved them to death.  Now if BMW
had brought in the M5 Touring (wagon) ix, the little Q might not be in our
garage right now...yes, I know...traitor.