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Re: Carbon Pads

The Kevlar Carbon pads can be bought through Carl Nelson (he deals directly
with the guys who make the pads) who runs CNPR (aka La Jolla Independent) at
800/466-8184.  When you call tell them you heard about them via the Internet
and they'll give you the club discount (BMW-digest).  They were about
$90/front ('86 4kCSQ), not cheap, but worth it.  The recommendation we
received was to only put them on the front since so little braking is done in
the back, ie "save your $".  I haven't actually tried them on my 4kCSQ yet
since the Thunderhill track event got cancelled.  But our M5 showed a
significant difference (over Repco metal masters) in braking power and
cooling at an event at Laguna Seca. I only want them on the car for track
events since they wear quickly and dust horribly, although unlike some brake
dust this is not an acidic dust, it does not etch your wheels and it does
clean up easily.