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Re: Carbon Pads

Every stop is a panic stop to me!  keeps everything exciting.  I would 
say that it takes them a little longer to warm up but I don't mind.  Also 
the pads I used to race with are different than street spec pads.  They 
operated and required alot more heat than the streets do.  I havent had 
much hands on with a street car equiped with the carbon pads only carbon 
pads on carbon disc which like alot of heat.  The street car I have 
driven with carbon pads did seem to like a little warming up but also did 
seem to have better performance.  This May we will be testing a mustang 
with carbon-carbon for use on the street with limited track use also.

On Tue, 18 Apr 1995 schwartz@taligent.com wrote:

> > I would not use them unless you can wash your wheels every 20 or so miles.
> > They will coat your wheels with black dust in about 10 minutes of use.
> > of course on the track it does not matter but on the street a good pad from
> > repco will work just as good.  
> I have used repco shoes and have had good luck with them.  The only 
> problem with them is it seems they need to be "warmed up" before they  
> operate properly. This was never a problem for me, but, my wife complained
> a bit about it.  Do the carbon shoes require a few "panic stops" before
> they reach optimum performance??