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Opinions on 81 2-door 5+5

Found a rare breed 81 Audi 2-door with the five in it. It has approx. 130K
and ran beautifully. The seats are in need of help, the dash is cracking,
and there is a little bit of surface rust. Plusses are;good tires, new
exhaust, seemingly well maintained(gotta be if he would be wise enuf to keep
spare air filter, wiper blades, and belts in trunk). He is asking 1195. He
was willing to go down a little and passed at my offer of 600. He said he
would consider it if he didn't get much interest. Would I be a fool to let
this slip away? TIA.

Oh yeah, I have access to complete interior for this car. And it lacked PW,
PM, and A/C. This is fine and good. Please give your opinions! TIA, again.
86 GTi 
87 4KS   
Maybe 81 5+5