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For Sale:5000 parts.(early)

Not quite spring cleaning, but close enough....

The car is a 1980 Audi 5000T, automatic, w/AC. I bought it for the engine,
which has 1500mi on it. I don't have room for another shell around the ranch,
so it goes under the knife this upcoming Thursday. It seems a shame to throw
out a decent selection of minor parts for lack of storage room, but I'm
already maxxed out! I'm taking the engine and rims, my partner wants the
trans. Anybody want the rest for a pittance? It's got a clean blue checked
cloth interior, good lights, glass, body panels etc. It's not a sunroof car.
The AC gear is of no use to me, so it's also up for grabs. Some things that
spring to mind as useless are as follows....

Bodywork, AC gear, glass, interior, lights/lenses, gas tank, struts, rear
axle, bumpers, grille, etc.

I can be reached by Email(OREO447766@aol.com) or phone(603-746-4345). 
Thanks in advance!
-Chris Semple

Ps: the car's in Concord, NH.