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Re:Warm air intake?

[from Bob D'Amato]

>I just received my new K&N air filter yesterday (THanks Graydon, fits
>like a glove...!)  I installed it on the 90 20VQ, and wondered a couple
>of things...
>1)  Will this thing really help boost hp a bit?? I hear its supposed to,

Don't know. Not shure. I've had K&N for a year. I'll be rippin it out just
to see if the filter-poor allegations are found, or not. Just be doing to
wipe behind filter with white rag to see if there is layer of dirt there.
Any suggestions on this?

But I've noticed engine sounds different after K&N and 2.2 inline 5 non-T
pulls a little bit more willingly at 4k-5k rev range. No help after about
5300revs. Guess I need that 3.5inch stainless exhaust system. I bought the
mid-resonator from the dealer and I think it's got the life-time warranty.
Whose life-time? I don't know.

>2) The airbox design on the car is pretty crappy, and I would like to
>redo it. But I notice it has a warm air intake assumable for winter
>driving. If I redesign the box, and eliminate this warm air from the
>manifold, will I regret it? What would happen?

I've been wondurin that meself for a while. Everytime I have the intake
apart, I've noticed the valve closed to fresh air and directed to warm
crank air intake. Even in nice sunny 70 degree weather. Izzat normal?

Am I never getting any fresh cool spring air? The cooler the intake charge,
the more horsies I can get outta it . . .

Should I get another intake tract from a bone-yard and rip the valve out so
I can get fresh air all the time during warmer munths?
PerPlexed. (suckin on fumes)

Ernest Wong
email: esw5@cornell.edu