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Re: UrQ Clutch Master Cylinder

On Sat, 15 Apr 1995, Alan Pemberton wrote:

> The clutch master cylinder was replaced by the previous owner.  He used a new 
> unit for a 5000 as he couldn't find the correct unit.  The only difference he 
> noticed was that the original unit was angled slightly towards the centerline 
> of the car but the 5000 unit is straight.  However, the clutch is very heavy - 
> too heavy for my wife - but I havn't driven any other UrQ to compare.  Anyone 
> know if the master cylinders are the same?

   I'm not sure if the cylinders are the same, but when i replaced mine 
the local parts store was stocking it so I assume there is some 
cross-over with a more common car (such as the 5000). I dont remember it 
being agled at all.  Also, I can assure you that Ur-q clutches are heavy. 
I spoke to a lady a few months ago that has a Ur-q and a saab. He saab 
was her daily driver and the audi was used for special occasions. 
Apparently the saabs clutch needed replacement so she had the car in the 
shop for a week ofr so and subsequently was using the quattro. She said 
when she went to pick up the car the clutch felt like it went to the 
floor with no resistance. After raising h*ll with the service reps for 
waiting a week and still having a broken clutch she realized that it was 
just that she had become accustomed to the heavy clutch ih her Ur-q. I 
thought it was sort of amusing when I heard it.   'Guess you had to be 
  Rod Wiggins
  83 Ur-q (and a big burley left leg)