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Re: Ur-quattro rallye lights...?

On Sat, 15 Apr 1995 Thompers@aol.com wrote:

> To All,
> re: Ur-quattro rallye lights
> This is my first set of technical questions
> on-line!  Fellow Ur-quattro owners &
> other interested parties... please help....

  I just wanted to reccomend that you are carefull not to block too much 
flow to those radiators... I agree that big hellas (or better yet 
Bosch's) belong on the front of a UR-Q but there is no place to mount 
them without compromising your cooling. I settled for some rectangular 
hella 550 fogs mounted close together in the center below the bumper. I 
HIGHLY recommend relays.  My fogs are 100watts each, and I have H1 and H4 
headlight conversions with 100watts x 4  on high beams and 80 watts x 2 
on low beam. I love it. Run the 10 guage wire from the battery to the 
relays and wire the relay to br triggered from the existing headlight 
wiring. That way the only draw on your headlight switch and fuse box will 
but the small current it takes to latch the relays. (and your lights will 
still shut off with the key) You would probably be safe with stock 
wiring and 55 watt bulbs but I'm suspecting you'll probably want to 
upgrade to higher wattage in the future. You might as well just do it 
right the first time. Theres certainly nothing wrong with being 
"over-engineered" Thats why I've loved my Audi's.
 Just my $.02
 Rod Wiggins 
 83 Ur-q

> Let's address what I've done so far to my beast...
> Headlights
> I have just finished installing a set of
> Hella single lens
>  flush '78-'83 Audi 80
> H4 euro headlights with 60/55w bulbs on
> my Mars red1983 Ur-quattro w/amber
> side markers.
> I used from the previous165mm Hella H4
> headlamp low beam wiring harness for the
> new 1 piece euro lights, and wired into my
> existing (very small) side markers for the
> new wrap-around side amber lenses, leaving
> the "old 4 headlamp" high beam wire receptical
> available... hhmmm.....and not interfering
> with the small bumper turn indicators.
> I would like to have the factory rallye look,( I know,
> the factory cars had the hi-beams removed with
> larger more forward grill) with the addition of
> only two round rallye style lights, instead of the
> four. 
> Results:
> 1. Majorly improved low beam light and
> super amber side lights! (there almost
> as bright as the headlights, good for the
> fog and snow up in Lake Tahoe, I guess).
> 2. Now I have an unused "Hi-beam" receptical,
> ....hhhmmmm.....
> 3. Improved aerodynamics, but maybe not
> as much airflow to the airbox as with the
> original 4 headlights?
> 4. I want, I want, I want.....
> Just received the new Hella '94-'95 catalogue
> and have lots of.....rallye lights!
> Hella good stuff...
> The 1000P (parabolic reflector), 2000P & new 3000FF (free form reflector)
> look like possibilities. 
> Here are some specs reprinted from Hella's new
> catalogue.
> *The 3000's are large. Side profile looks are very
> conical in shape, clean and have a new two point "molly
> mounting system".  8-11/16" dia., but provide 50%
> more light than the 2000's and are 25% lighter
> (FF technology and plastic casing).
> They are available in:
> -Fog lamp (P) 55W 750ft.
> -Driving lampFF 55W 7000ft.
> -Pencil beam driving lampFF100W 18270ft.
> -Euro beam lampFF 100W 13300ft.
> -Wide-angle cornering lampFF 100W 1000ft.
> *The 2000's look bulky from the side, are 8-7/8" dia., 
> parabolic reflectors only.
> They are available in:
> -Fog lamp 55W 750ft.
> -Driving lamp 55W 7000ft.
> -Pencil beam driving lamp 100W 18270ft.
> -Euro beam lamp 100W 13300ft.
> -Wide-angle cornering lamp 100W 1000ft.
> *The 1000's look clean & light, but only come in fog
> lamp & driving lamp configurations, 550ft. and 7500ft.
> respectively. (12V55W). 7 3/8" dia.  The 1000's do
> come in a kit form, as the other two do not.
> The 500's are nice lights, had them on my old
> 4000s quattro, work very well, but don't say rallye
> on them....wwhhaa.  Fog & driving lamp config., 500ft.,
> & 5900ft. I've got the Coupe now, need to step up some. 
> Questions:
> 1. 1000's, 2000's or 3000's? (Go for the big boys or
>    stay conserv. and keep them below the hood?).
> Mounting locations
> 2. Where do I mount these fatty's 
>  - drill holes in my non-euro bumper?, ouch...
> or 
>  - mount 1/8 x 1.5"x about 8" steel straps in
>     between the top of the bumper and trim flap
>     just below the grill? (mounting the strap some-
>     where behind the plastic grill)
> or
>  - into the trim flap
> and
>  - should I also use turnbuckles fastened to
>     the grill to stop vibrations?
> or
>  - "(just buy an old factory A1 Coupe rallye car?
>     with all kinds of lights....ha, I have that don't I)?"
> 3. Will my old hi-beam recepticals power the 55W?
> 4. If using 100W I will have to relay, or should I 
>    anyway for 55W or 100W?
> My choice is to go with the 1000's. What do you
> guys think?  I am totally open for comments....
> (I will list the part #s for my headlight transform-
>  ation next chat.)
> Until next time,
> Thompson Smith <Thompers@aol.com>
> -1983 Ur-quattro (CA License, "RLY RACR")
>  w/ 7" fuchs sport rims, tons of factory
>  audi sport decals....etc, etc... &
> -1986 5000CS turbo quattro, pearl wht.