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Re: Ur-quattro rallye lights...?

   Let's address what I've done so far to my beast...

   I have just finished installing a set of
   Hella single lens
    flush '78-'83 Audi 80
   H4 euro headlights with 60/55w bulbs on
   my Mars red1983 Ur-quattro w/amber
   side markers.

Yeah? MORE! part numbers/source/cost/andeveryotherlittledetail!

   2. Now I have an unused "Hi-beam" receptical,

hhmmm.... indeed!

   4. If using 100W I will have to relay, or should I 
      anyway for 55W or 100W?

Relay! The stock wiring SUCKS! You can win back a volt or three (!!)
by bypassing the fuse box/ignition/ratsnest and running a 10ga directly
from battery (inline fused, of course) directly to the light switch (I
very vaguely remember this was a Yellow, or maybe White feed wire). Of
course then *YOU* have to remember to turn off the lights... (this also
gets ya another half volt or so to the engine computer...).