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Re: K&N hop ups

   > all arounf the airbox area, noting where the cool spots are. Almost
   > you can now add holes, knowing 1-where cool air is and 2 where the air

   I did something similar already, I took my far infra-red gogs, (not the 
   near IR like night vision) and looked at the hot spots in the engine 
   compartment.  It is REALLY hot near the airbox, due to the exhaust 
   manifold being inches away.  On the rear side of the airbox it is rather 
   cool, but get no good smooth airflow.  My idea, was to cut a good size 
   hole on the HOT side of the airbox (Only for accesability reasons) and 
   put in a duct to behind the grill, which will force in cold air. Being on 
   the hot side wont matter at that point.  Come winter I can either leave 
   it (And hope my warm air flapper works,) or take out the plumbing and 
   cover the hole ...what do you think....

Hmmm . . . there is a company called Thermo-Tec (advertises in Turbo and
HiTech Performance magazine) who sell all sorts of "insulating" stuff,
like "Starter Heat Shields", "Turbocharger Insulating Kits (reduce under-
hood heat by 70%)" [?and *REALLY* bake your turbo?], etc. and so forth.

I wonder if it is "worthwhile" to insulate the airbox (intake air stream
in general, which includes about 10% of the engine compartment on my
UrQ! amazing how Audi stuffed 50% of the engine compartment into the
right 20% of the engine compartment...) from the engine heat?

Anyways, their number is (800) 274-8437 if anyone wants to pursue them.

Personally, I suspect a bigger/better intercooler is by far a more cost-