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Re: K&N hop ups

On Mon, 17 Apr 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> Yes the design of the box is crappy, but the intakes on the q's are tuned, so
> maybe some plumbing to cool air (and heat tape around the existing intake)
> will help, but I will attest that the whole redo is going to be a BIG project
> to get it right.....  Workin on it for my car tho.....  Not sure the gains on
> a non turbo car would be enough to justify it's scrutiny, I'd look at the
> cams and the head/header/exh on your car first......

Yeah, not sure the gains would be huge on the non T car, but looking at 
what I have, there are a lot of 90 degree bends in the intake... from the 
fresh air intake behind the headlight, straight down, straight in, then 
to the filter.  I notice the warm air flap from the exhaust manifold 
though, 'spose I should keep that.  Just by opening my air box, I notice 
a substantial difference.  (I took out the fresh air snorkel)  And it 
sounds better.  But once the engine warms up im sucking in warm air, 
which isnt effecient.

I would think making a good freeflow box for summer, and put stock on for 
winter might be worthwhile.


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