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Re: K&N hop ups

Not sure I'd go that route with the turbo audi...  Used to prorally a
scirocco of 81 vintage meself and for a vw car this is good advice...  The
turbo cars and the 20v are more complicated in their use of air flow to tune
the flow thru to the intake....  And the horn I'm referring to is the one
that comes from the air box TO the outside air, it's plastic and it's
tuned(length and diam) and not sure EH will gain anything there (think you
might have misread), thinks you are referring to the intake itself, that
makes a LOT of sense to me......  The test of this sound pretty cheap to me,
just make sure you are watching that O2 reading for lean, and the loss of low
end is where these mods raise their ugly heads on the audis (and your gas
mileage takes a turn for the worse too)

Yep that's the one and only bruno....  Unfortunately he was always
overshadowd by mr. buffum back in the 80's, but a good guy and a great