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Re: K&N hop ups

As a watercooled VW racer, airbox mods are one of the easiest to do if you
have the right tools. On my 77 SCCA Scirocco, one carefully 'adds' extra
holes with a drill, But only in the proper areas. I understand that Audis
are far more complicated when it comes to airboxes, not only in their
design, but in their location as well. But a few extra holes can make a
difference.  First, get the car up to operating temp with the hood closed.
Keep it at operating temp for another 10-15 min. so engine parts and it's
extremities can soak heat. Open the hood and drag a non-contact pyrometer
all arounf the airbox area, noting where the cool spots are. Almost
always, this will be on the farthest side from the engine. A racer friend
or a respectable service station might have the pyrometer. Seconf, find a
good strong fan, either industrial, or a good house fan and place it in
front of the car. tape small, but long strips of tissue paper in front of
and around the air box and see where the airflow is in the area. Also, see
if your heat check has changed now that flowing air is present. With that,
you can now add holes, knowing 1-where cool air is and 2 where the air
flow is. Avoid going overboard, you do not want hot, stagnant air being
drawn in. In the winter, simply pull the filter and duct tape the holes
back up. As far as the intakes are concerened, yes they are tuned to an
extent, but they always benefit from a Good match-porting job and possibly
some carefull honing. Is this Bruno everyone is talking about in this
group? Is that the rally driver? He raced at our Duryea Hillclimb in 
Reading Pa. last year. It's a 2.1 miles asphalt hillclimb and all i can 
say is his car is incredible!! 610hp out of a five?!?! We hope to see you 
again Bruno!

Rolf Mair
86 5ktq
82 5k  213kmiles
77 vw racecar
69 vette conv.