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unasked boost question

  Greetings All,
    While it seems we've discused nearly all aspects of power increases 
through greater boost etc. There has been little discussion of the 
negative aspects.  How is valve-guide-seat longevity affected, or turbo 
life expectancy.  The way I see it, if the Ur-qs can safely make 250+ HP 
with just computer and boost mods then the engineers wouldn't have let 
the car leave the factory with a measly 160hp. Does gas milage suffer 
that dramatically? (not that I'm worried, but it could explain audis 
conservative output, its sort of difficult to sell a car that gets 10 
MPG). I have the highest regards for the Audi engineers, I bow my head and 
give thanks to them each time I start my car (perhaps THIS is why MY UR-q 
is reliable).  I figure the car was designed to make 160hp for a reason. 
To me, I guess, these computer mods seem too cheap and easy... There must 
be a catch..hmm.
 Vorsprung Durch Skeptic
 Rod Wiggins