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*Clacking noise.....


       I have an '88 5000TQ and have been experiencing simmilar problems.  If m
y car sits for a couple of days, it never starts right up and it makes a loud c
lanking noise for a minute or two.  I hadn't had this problem for long and was
concerned.  Several people told me that the lifters probably weren't getting en
ough lubrication on startup, hence the clanking noise.  I was told to use the s
pecial Bosh oil filter w/ the anti-drain valve to prevent this.  I wish someone
 told me these things ahead of time...Oh well, I'm learning from experience.

      This made sence to me, because I'd been changing my own oil and using Fra
m oil filters (better, but I'd use the Bosh) and hadn't really had this problem
 until I got lazy and started going to JiffyLube for oil changes.  Unbeknownst
to me, JiffyLube oil fiters are probably the worst.  I haven't changed the oil
and oil filter yet, but I probably will this weekend and I'll replace it w/ the
 Bosh oil filter--and, as always, Synthetic oil.

      So, I would reccomend that you check the oil filter when you get the car
back.  I'll bet it's not a Bosh (probably a JiffyLube or something).  If it isn
't, I'd change the oil and the oil filter and see if the sound goes away.  If i
t doesn't, then the problem could be deeper, such as colapsing lifters, which i
s a $500 repair (I think).

     Keep us informed about the Boge Turbo gas shocks.  Hope all goes well and
enjoy the wagon!  Hope this helps.