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Re: Caveat Air Flow

Whether you ram air or "route" it more efficiently, I can suggest that if
you're going to play, start at the cheapest part of the equation, that is the
horn, there are gains to be had with length vs. diameter and on a 20v or a
turbo these gains can be "as significant" as throwing in the K&N itself....
 But caveats accepted in the interests of good judgement aside, the air box
is a good place to get gains, and heat is significant (read thermo the air
box and headers(-non turbo) first) then address flow.  I guarantee the thermo
idea is a quicker program than the flow idea, a lot of trial and error is
required on flow, and in my case more errors than successes, but worthy of
scrutiny, definitely......  My conclusion is that trashing the box and
putting in a reverse bell (cis 5ktq app) directly to the flap is the program,
only time hinders the execution.......

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