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Re: Air Flow

No, don't remove the bell....  If you have a 5ktq then make sure you heat
shield that horn, it's going to give your intercooler less work to do....
 You may want to look at a ram air system that scoops from the right quarter
panel down low up to the horn, but you maybe not seal it as, you do want cool
air accessable not water to the box, and your gains  sealing are not enough
to warrant the risks (see earlier posted warnings, and I knew they'd
come.....).....  To take the next step is still being tested, and that is
varying the length and dia of pipe to the box, still running "ram air" from
below the quarter right....  I'm using some old mikuni bells I had from the
race scirocco to make the horns I need, seems to work very well, certainly
keep you posted on my continued efforts.......   you may also want to
consider the addition of some more heat shield between the horn and the
turbo, but go straight up verically cuz you don't want to trap any heat
around that turbo......    For those who think that the hose diam and length
and horn are for "noise only" I will post that that's not it's ONLY function,
me thinks not even the primary one.......