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Re: AudiWatch (Tm) Quattro Challenge THIS WED!!!

Hairy green toads from Mars made Glen Powell say:

>   The next (first)  AudiWatch (Tm) Quattro Challenge has been scheduled for
>   THIS Wednesday,  April 19th, 95 at New England Dragway in Epping NH.
>   I'll be in a red 84 4000Q and/or a silver/blue 87 5000CSQTW, most likely
>   in the 4000Q.   Please look for us!
>   Lemme know via email if youre coming so we can be looking for you!
>   glen.powell@smc.com
>   MY CHALLENGE: any non-turbo Audi      (Ill be running the 84  4000Q)

Well, I'll be there, probably in my "stealth" 100Q.
Angela was going to let me borrow her 90Q20V until I
mistakenly told her where I was going....

BTW, special announcement: I will be bringing my cat, so all you
list members can finally meet her for yourselves.

Glen, will you take her on?


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Only my cat shares my opinions, and she can do 13.6 with the right fuel.