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Re: Clacking Noise.....

Hairy green toads from Mars made Christopher Ice say:

> Last I remember, the Fram non-turbo model did NOT have the check valve and
> the turbo model DID.  Also seem to remember that the turbo and non-turbo
> Fram filters are interchangeable...so you could just put the turbo model on
> the non-turbo to ensure the check-valve is there.

Frams for the non-turbos do NOT have the check valve. It's easy
to see; look down the central threaded hole, and it's either there
or it's not.

The Mahle filters from Imparts have them (about $5), and are good
solid construction - at least twice the weight of a Fram. Mann filters
have them ($ unknown - mine was included in a change), and look identical
to the Mahle. The OEM brand filters I mentioned earlier also have them
and also look identical to the Mahle.

I don't notice a huge difference in noise between valve/no-valve,
but I usually don't listen that well.


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