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Konis in '87 5000CSQTW

  Well, the virdict is in (no, not oj's). The wife just *LOVES* the new
  Konis on the 5000CSQTW. The car was getting really out of control at >80
  MPH on the highway at >111,000 miles on the stock OEM struts. The Konis
  were adjusted 1-turn stiff and installed by _Eurocar Motorsport_ in
  Manchester NH, for like $220 labor. The Konis were purchased from RD
  Enterprises for $119 front and $87 rear, each. They listed at like
  $150-170 US each. Thanks RD! The car is now *very* stable at highway
  speeds and does not get "rattly" or suffer harshness when sub-light and
  on windy back New England roads. Only on the worst dirt roads is there
  really any noticable loss in ride quality Vs the old, shot OEM struts. My
  wife says "it's like driving a brand new car!". God I love 'er!