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Re: Clacking Noise.....

> I replaced the oil filters on the '84 4000Q and the '87 5000CSQTW last
> weekend with _OEM Import_ brand oil filters, while performing the ritual
> spring oil changes. I'd always used Fram in the past. I had hoped to
> reduce/eliminate the lifter noise on startup, as these "OEM Import"
> filters claimed to incorporate a drain-back valve. Well, *NO* difference!
> Very disappointing. I don't know if the filters' just have bad drain-back
> valves or if it's all just BS, and these 5-cylinder engine are just going
> to have noisy lifters on start-up no matter what.....
> -glen

I was looking at the Fram filter catalog the other day at the local Walmart.
Besides listing the filters, they also list filter specs in the back. 
According to their specs, the filter they list for Audis does have a 
drain-back valve.
Not all their filters do, it depends on the model. The Audi filters do 
(according to their specs). I've never had any problem with Fram filters. 
My lifters rap for a few seconds if the car has sat for more than one day. 
Other-wise , no problems. This is with 177k miles.

'86 4000CS Quattro