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Simple question on tires

My wife's '91 100 needs new tires.  It has three original (I think) Dunlop
SP6's and one relatively new P500 Pirelli.  I'm going to get the Dunlop 
D60 A2's for the new set the question is since the car can take the usual
195/65R15 or the 205/60R15 which should I buy ?  Is there much difference
in performance, i.e. handling, between these two sizes ??

While I'm at it, anyone has experience about the Conti CH95 or the Pirelli
P4000 ?  

I had the chance of running my hand on the D60 A2, and it's sticky, more so
than your usual family tires :).

Any comments are appreciated 

Tak Cheung
'91 100, '92 Saab 9000S