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Re: Simple question on tires

Hairy green toads from Mars made Tak Cheung say:

> My wife's '91 100 needs new tires.  It has three original (I think) Dunlop
> SP6's and one relatively new P500 Pirelli.  I'm going to get the Dunlop 
> D60 A2's for the new set the question is since the car can take the usual
> 195/65R15 or the 205/60R15 which should I buy ?  Is there much difference
> in performance, i.e. handling, between these two sizes ??

I'd like to know, too. I think the 195's will be better in snow,
and I don't change tires summer/winter.

> While I'm at it, anyone has experience about the Conti CH95 or the Pirelli
> P4000 ?  

I never tried the CH95, but used the CH51 extensively on several
cars. Skip them on the 100. The sidewalls are too soft for a car
as heavy as the 100; body roll was excessive. I did want to try the
CV51 or CV91/94, but never got a chance. I got the Comp T/A VR4
instead and have been quite happy.

Avoid Pirelli for anything except flat-out Z-rated summer tires.
The P500 and P600 suck, and the P6 doesn't handle on anything except
dry pavement. I hear the PZero is good, if you like to do 150+.

I have heard good things about the D60 A2. If you can get them
cheap, go for it. The VR4's are abour $90 at Tire Rack.


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