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Re: Simple question on tires

Few points to consider:

The Dunlop D60 A2's come in H speed ratings; no V. Aren't V rated
tires specified for your car? (H is ok too I guess). The D60 A2's
are a resonably priced good overall H all-season tire. Have them
on 2 of my cars.

Regarding size, keep in mind that the 195's are a good 10mm narrower.
So your dry traction will suffer while you'll gain in snow traction.
I've not compared the two sizes on the same car, but I'd use the
specified 205's for all year use and buy a 195 size only if I were
buying snow tires.

Pirelli P4000 - I think there are two different tires, the P4000
and the P4000 Super Touring. I have the P4000 ST's on my '87 Mercedes
560SEL - V rated. Good handling, rather stiff side-walls, good in rain,
although I'm not impressed with their abilities in the snow. But then,
I can't expect good snow traction on a 5.6 litre, V8 pumping 238hp to
the rear wheels.

I need new tires for my '87 5KTQ also. I'm leaning towards the BFG
Comp T/A VR4's based on the good reviews by many folks here.
Someone mentioned a while ago that there was a $5 or so rebate on
the Comp T/A's from BFG. Can you provide details?


Zafer Mehmood				   AT&T Bell Laboratories
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