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Re: 5KCSTQ-Euro lights? Coupe GT Euros?

>   If that'87 5KTQ has the same headlights as the '87 5KTQW (I think so) you
>   might just want to go with the factory replacement type, those headlights
>   work pretty well, unlike those *)@$#$'n 4000s.

I don't know if the 87 5KTQW has the same lights as the '87 5KTQ, but
the ones on the sedan are marginal at best. Replacing the bulbs improved
them somewhat and they are ok if the road surface is dry with concrete or
light colored asphalt. The light beam is so diffused that on wet roads
you can barely tell if the lights are on. Likewise on a dark asphalt
road surface; it absorbs much of the light. At times I feel that the
poor lighting is downright dangerous.

Improving factory lights has shown mixed results with several people
on this list. Using  higher wattage bulbs requires rewiring with relays;
and causes melted sockets. The beam pattern itself is bad on these
US DOT lamps; adding more powerful bulbs helps very little with a
diffused, scattered and unfocused beam pattern. The other alternative
is to add auxiliary lights to supplement the headlamps - holes in the
bumper, wiring, and all that.