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Re: History of 5000 78-95 ???

The early 80s 5000 series were not very reliable, electrical problems
and all that. Even with the new style 5000 starting in 84, I'd avoid
the '84 and '85 model years. By '86, most of the bugs had been ironed
out. I suggest you go for a '86 to '88 5000 turbo quattro. In my
opinion, a high mileage turbo quattro is better than a lower mileage
non-TQ, if you want to keep within your price range. Its hard to find
a non-quattro with a manual transmission, and the 3 speed auto trans
were not good. Also, the turbo gives the heavy car a decent acceleration
which can also be upgraded. The TQ models also come with better
suspension than the 2WD models. I don't have all the specs handy, but
the 86-88 5000 TQ came with a 2.2 liter, in-line 5 with 162 hp stock.

Hope this helps.

> I'm considering buying a 5000 series and can't find a brief summary 
> of US models from 1978 to the present. 
> Being a former owner of a Audi 100GL 1978 year model (5000 in US)
> I'm also interested in the older models i.e. the big square boxy 
> ones pre 1984.
> I'd like to know what engines were used and models to avoid.
> I see numerous 5000 CSQ\turbo starting at $5000 and would it be wise 
> to get a higher mileage Turbo or go for a straight 2WD 5000 in 
> excellent condition or what about a 4000!  
> I realize that some of these questions are subjective but come guys 
> I need some direction!, there just too many dam choices in this country.