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TQC Registry Update

Fellow TQC Owners,

I have seen quite a few Turbo Quattro Coupe owners on the quattro e-mail 
list and
I am checking to see if any of you have registered your "pride and joy" with 
the Audi Turbo Quattro Coupe Registry. If you have not registered, please 
consider doing so. If you have registered previously, but have made 
modifications to your quattro or learned new information about the history 
of your quattro, feel free to update your registration.

The registry is established in the hopes of identifying the original Audi 
Turbo Quattro Coupes on the road today. You need not be a member of the Audi 
Quattro Club USA or other organization to "register" his or her coupe. There 
is no cost involved in registering your quattro. Please fill in the 
information below and return it back to Dave Lawson at "dlawson@ball.com" or 
you may send your responses directly to the keeper of the registry at the 
address below.  I will forward the information I receive to William Bremer.

For US Mail, send your responses to

Turbo Quattro Coupe Registry
C/O William Bremer
53 Stonegate Road
Cape Elizabeth, ME  04107-1636

If you have any input or comments about how to use the registry information 
or other information which should be collected, please include them. From a 
previous QC newsletter, the following services have been suggested,
1) Publish the registry so that TQC owners can network together, especially 
in local regions, to talk shop, find out what works, which dealers or 
independents can service the car effectively, hold events, etc.
2) Hold a safety seminar for TQCs.
3) Set up a "Wanted/For Sale" hotline.
4) Provide technical help.
5) Provide information for prospective buyers.

Any comments?

Also please note if you would be willing to have your name and address 
published in the Registry.

I personally would frown upon the Registry being used for commercial 
purposes. I would rather it be used as a tool for TQC owners which can 
assist them in researching problems or performance modifications.

I look forward to receiving your responses.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com


Audi Quattro Turbo Coupe Registry Information Request Form

Owners Name___________________________________________________



Keep personal information confidential (Yes/No)_______________________

Model Year_____________________________________________________

VIN #___________________________________________________________

Build Date(from plate in drivers side door jamb, eg. 12/81)_______________

Exterior Color____________________________________________________

Interior Color_____________________________________________________

Interior Material (Leather/ Velour)____________________________________

Production Options________________________________________________

Original Paperwork_______________________________________________

Original Location of Purchase_______________________________________

Past Owners_____________________________________________________









Other Information__________________________________________________