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Re[2]: ovlov

Nick Craft writes:

> I tend to agree - now that I think about it, my own personal bias against
> ovlov's stems from a historical dislike for ovlov DRIVERS (in Britain
> where I used to live). People who buy volvo's there are characterized as
> self-righteous types who are convinced everyone else is responsible for
> their own poor driving. Over there, giving ovlov drivers a hard time has
> been elevated to the level of a national pastime. The only people who
> take more abuse are echsrop drivers - obviously for totally different
> reasons - there are a lot of jealous SOB's in Britain.

> I'm saying nothing about US ovlov drivers - actualy most US drivers appear
> similar to British ovlov drivers, (but I'm breaking my usual policy of
> avoiding criticising Americans, as I choose to live here).

I'd agree with all that.

> I also despise ovlov's marketing - bleating on and on about how safe their
> cars are, whereas they're probably no safer than any other modern car of
> similar size and mass.

Bzzzzt! Wrongo, lucasbreath <g>

First, you haven't been paying attention to Volvo's advertising of late. How 
about the 850 ad with the BMW...really nice work...and I don't think the word 
safety was mentioned once.

Second, Volvo is safer than most other cars of its size and class, save the 
other Europeans. Sure Volvo, MB, BMW, Audi, and Saab are all pretty safe...one 
leapfrogs another each year...

But would you rather get hit in an Acura Legend, a Ford Borus or a Volvo 850? 
Come on, the Volvo *is* safer than most of the other cars on the road, and all 
of the tests substantiate that.

Cripes, I'd rather get hit in a 10 year old 240 than in a new Borus...airbags 
only account for so much...

Lee Levitt
1990 Audi 200T 60K
1988 Volvo 745T 107K