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Re: ovlov, and my Audi's fixed :-)

Bob D'Amato writes:

> No, you are right... Ill bet if you asked anyone (Ok, me anyway) Why we
> dont like V*, we (I) wouldnt have a good reason!

I do have to admit that there is a not too-untrue stereotype of the ovloV 
driver...I just don't happen to be one of those <g>

BTW, made an RX7 driver very unhappy this morning. I fastened the front 
bumper of my ovloV to the rear bumper of his little pocket rocket and just 
held on. Around an entrance ramp at about 70, then on down the straight. 
This big hulking ovloV in his rear view, with the Euro lamps lit up and 
that damn emblem backwards <VGB>. He had his foot in it and couldn't shake 
me...thanks to the boost and the aftermarket suspension goodies..

Oh, funny story. I took the 200 around a roundabout and noticed that it 
swayed substantially more than the ovloV. Course the 200 *is* stock...then 
I noticed the next time that I went around that same roundabout that the 
Audi *had* been going considerably faster...I just didn't know it. Call 
that one a draw for now...

> 'twas just a fortnight ago I took an 850 for a ride... boy was that
> nice! Comfy!( beat the hell out of the seats in my 20V), nice ride
> (couldnt play on the twisties tho) and quiet (A  ***PANTLOAD*** quiter
> than my 90 20V) I was however disappointed in the power, although I hear
> we dont want to mess with the turbo model.

Uh, yea. And look out for an 850 with 17 inch wheels. That puppy has 240HP 

> I guess my biggest thing is my addiction to the quattro system. I dont
> think any FWD or RWD can match it.

Hmmmm. Bob, remind me to ask you what you think of Volvo's AWD system in the 
fall...tee hee....

OH, BTW, guys, my mechanic found the problem with my 200. The relay that tells
the fan and pump to run after the car is shut down was ferblungent. Called for 
the stuff to run every time the engine was turned on, whether it was hot or not.
So lots of heavy duty accessories ran every time my wife drove the car a block.

New relay $20...should fix the problem...

My mechanic also told me to tell youse guys that there is *no* history of this 
problem...Audi sold one of these relays last year...so don't go replacing 

I'm also getting my wife some good walking shoes <g>

Lee Levitt
1990 Audi 200T 60K
1988 Volvo 745T 107K