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more lighting questions

Folks, I installed a set of fogs on my wife's 200 over the weekend. They look 
great, now I just have to get them wired to something...(Also have to remember 
to get a couple of new drill bits one of these years...got pretty bored sitting 
there with the drill making noise and al shavings but not going very fast...)

So I have two questions:

        1. Where's the best place to find power and a switched circuit?
        Under the FB? Is it easily removable? Somewhere else?

        2. Where in hell do I put a switch for these things? All my dash spots
        are already taken up with stuff! What's the hot tip for adding switches?
        BTW, I don't want to put toggle switches anywhere near my (wife's)
        knees! I prefer rocker switches...what do I do, mount one in the console
        between the shift and the parking brake? I'd really prefer not to have  
        to cut big holes in this area...

I have another (ongoing) question. I really want to put some sort of DRLs on 
this car. Audi and a couple of dealers were totally out to lunch WRT the DRLs on
the Canadian cars...and I *did* call dealers in Canada. Even Linda at Carlsen 
gave it a shot, and she failed too....

So I checked the "city" lights on the car (the inboard spots). The bulb holder 
will take a higher power bulb, like a 21cp or so. If I put this bulb in, I have 
two concerns:

        1. Will I melt anything due to extended running of this bulb?

        2. Will I have a problem at night with this thing lit up? Will people
        think that my high beams are on?

BTW, I've thought about using the fogs as the DRLs, but they're too low to be 
effective and once my wife cleans a couple off the bumper with curbs, they'll be
gone anyway...

Thanks in advance...

Lee Levitt
1990 Audi 200T 62K
1988 Volvo 745T 107K