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Compt T/A ZR's on 5K

To Ernest,

Have you seen any independent reports on the Comp TA or other tires besides the 
recent one in Consumer Reports?  I'm looking to make a similar change.  How do 
they compare to the 509s and AVS Intermeidates in ride and in the wet?  Thx.  

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Date: 04/19/95 03:52:15 PM
Subject: Compt T/A ZR's on 5K

I just got the 205/55-15's mounted on my drive wheels(87 5000S FWD only).
This is switching from a pair of AVS Intermeds( worn down to wear bars.
Rounded outer shoulder and cusped inner shoulder.) I was trying out Comp
T/A because of all the hype about it's ride, grip, noise etc.
I've yet to get a front wheel alignment ( No level ground nor garage to
self align, Scott) so I haven't pushed the tires yet. Probably should scrub
off the mold release first anyways.

The Comp T/A's were noticeably lighter than the AVS carcass that were
pulled off. Note the CompT/A's are slightly smaller in size. The Comps look
great on the BBS wire-mesh wheels. They make the Yoko A509's on the back
look like big fat black donuts. The 205/60-15 (factory recommended) size is
a bit taller than the 185/70-14s stock. The 205/55's are just a little
smaller in diameter than the stock 185/70-14.
The new Comps lowers the car. Gives it a shorter final drive ratio. Is a
little lighter in weight than the 205/60-15's. All sound like plusses to

Now if I can only figgur out how much the speedo is off. Sigh!
I'll post how the Comp T/A's handle when I get to warm them up.
They do seem nearly as quiet as the P4000 winter all seasons I just took
off. A big change from the roaring AVS Intermeds.

Ernest Wong
email: esw5@cornell.edu