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quattro design (was BMW 325ix)

  > The only real thing I remember thinking at the time was that the system
  > seemed like an afterthought kinda grafted onto the base car, and not
  > "designed in", like the Audi.

Like several other responses, I also recall the original Quattro concept to
be a parts-bin car.  Example:  the rear suspension on the Ur-Q/4000/80q was
simply the front suspension turned around, the center diff was from an Audi
50/VW Polo, etc.  If I recall correctly, one aftermarket strut manufacturer
even lists the same insert for these cars front-rear! (I think a Ur-Q rear
strut insert was the same as used in 4000/80q front).  Keep in mind that the
4000/80 was the successor to the old fwd only Fox/80--I believe they share
the same floorpan (as did the old VW Dasher/Passat).  All bets are off,
though on the 5000/100 (C2/C3)--quattro ability seems to be much more
"designed in."