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re: Mist Info TAP

Some thinking/questions:

In the recent statement from Trevor of TAP, he asks then answers why can't
you simply turn up the boost:  
    "The  answer  is because  the  computer,  in  it's original  
    form,  won't accept the  higher  pressure  levels  and  will 
    shut  down.  In  order  to avoid  this,  you  must  make  
    modifications  to the  computer."
To which I ask, does TAP modify the computer or the computer program (ROM chip
)?  If in fact they are modifying only the computer, then TAP is doing little
more than Superchips.

Also note:  the header "European Spec 'CHIP' and Boost Upgrades."  Does TAP
claim to start from or provide Euro spec chips?  If so, again, like
Superchips, they seem to be relying on someone else's work.  OTOH, maybe some
merit to this:  I have heard of the Audi factory providing chip upgrades to
select (i.e. on good terms) racers in Europe, and Benjawan (from Thailand)
said his S4 was dealer modified (with factory chips?)  or are the dealers in
Thailand less reticent to "tune" their customer's cars?  Can anyone in Europe
provide details?

I also note that the FAX header reads 
In the most recent issue of EC, I saw an add for "performance chips for most
turbo cars" or something to that effect (don't have issue here).  A little
further along was an add by TAP for their Audi chips/solutions.  You guessed
it:  same phone number!  So--do they really specialize in Audis as their name
claims?  or are they trying to "upgrade" anything that comes along?

my thoughts, $.02, questions.