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Re: Euro lights group purchase

Bruce Bell writes:

>  BTW, I beleive there are two different types 
>  lights available for the 4000.  one the units 
>  EC reported on a couple of issues ago, and 
>  the "true"(?) eurolight. I'm a little unclear on 
>  the differences but have heard they are 
>  substantial.  Perhaps someone can 
>  sucinctly point out the differences for me. 
>  Bruce
>  bbell@csn.net (Bruce Bell)

If I recall correctly, the EC article source their lights from Ron's Parts.
 The difference they mentioned was one of manufacturer--the replacements are
Bosch while OEM was Hella.  Functional differences unknown--if both put out
the same Euro-pattern light with H4 bulbs, I would expect similar performance
(but don't quote me!)  

I've seen similar H4 performance from 7" round (Rabbit), 4"x6" rectangular
(4000--get it clean juice!) and my 200's Hella lights.  btw, the pattern on
the U.S. spec '92 Subaru Legacy is very similar to the Euro-pattern H4
lights--I don't know what  bulb they use, though it could be an H4--I
understand H4 bulbs are now sold in the US as an H9005 or some such